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  • atom models

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    Big sized 3D models demonstrates the crystal structure through set of sticks and colored balls, can be assembled and disassembled, enables students to imagine their structure, includes the following elements

    – Sodium chloride crystal

    – Cesium chloride and ice crystal

    – Fluoride calcium crystal

    – Graphite carbon crystal

    – Diamond crystal

    – Iron crystal

    – Copper crystal

    – Zinc crystal

  • Hoffmans Volt ameter With Electrodes

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    Used for demonstarting the decompotition of water, determination of chemical composition byelectrolysis and with applications in the evaluations of the electrochemical equivalent of hydrogen. The glass unit has two connected limbs each of approximately 50ml capacity (graduated 2 – 50ml), integral reservoirtube and funnel-shaped bulb, with a stopcock at the top op each limb. Supplied with electrodes, 2 carbon nand 2 platinum .Requires 12V power Supply. The apparatus should be set up vertically using a clamp and stand to hold it safety. Connect the terminal's to a DC power source. Matches will be required to test for gases.  Chemicals required: Water, molar sodium, or potassium sulphate or sulphuric acid. Supplied in neat, well-protected packing case

  • Lab-Set

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    A set of equipment and glassware that allows to study Faraday’s Law. gas Law, molar mass of metals, boiling elevation, air analysis steam distillation. it consist of :

    • Various size and ahape flasks.
    • Beakers, rubbe tubing, and condensers.
    • Vacuum connecting adapters.
    • Thermometers.
    • Gas syringes.

    Various size and shape connecting tubes.

    • Distiling tube.
    • Buchner filter.
    • All components are kept in a special case.
  • level-arm-balance

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    – 0 to 250 Gramm
    – 0 to 500 Gramm
    – 0 to 1000 Gramm

  • metal alchoholic tourc

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    This metal made product operates by Alcohol, smoothly polished from inside and outside.with Capacity 100ml closed tightly to prevent evaporation of alcohol during operation

  • molecular inorganic organic teacher

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    A versaitile set suited to G.C.S.E and Advanced level covering a comprehensive range of organic, inorganic moleculoes from simple ones to complex ions

  • molecular elementary Organic

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  • molecular inorganic organic students

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    Based on inorganic / organic teacher