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  • aids-virus-model-hiv

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    Model made of unbreakable strong fiber, colored with suitable colors mounted on steady base that keeps it contains on:

    • Envelope.
    • Proteins of layer.
    • Proteins layer.
    • Protein Couch.
    • Proteins couch contains the core.
    • RNA Molecules.
    • Reversed copy enzyme.
  • animal-cell

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    Designed to study the function & the parts of an animal cell in comparison with plant cell

  • bone-anatomy

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    Shows the inner structure of a bone with its following details

    • Periosteum
    • bone cells
    • Groups and Haversian channels
    • blood vessels and nerves
    • medullary canal (marrow cavity)
  • cochlea-and-corty2

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    Made of unbreakable strong fiber model, colored with stable indissoluble colors, mounted on a steady base. it contains:

    cochlea Section model that shows the following parts:
    – Vestibullar canal
    – Snail canal
    – Thympanic canal
    – Sensor membrane
    – Cochlear nerve.

    Corty organ section model that shows the following parts:
    – Sensor membrane.
    – Ciliated sensor cells.
    – Sustentacular cells.
    – Basilar membrane.
    – Cortyarcus
    – Neurofibril

  • cross-section-of-human-spinal-cord

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    • Three dimensional model displaying cross section with nerve ending at an enlargement that allows clear demonstration in the classroom colored with stable dissolute colors, clearly illustrates the composition of the spianl cord.
    • Dorsal body paragraph and the canal dorsal and meningitis
    • Trailer spinal cord: (white substance – article gray)
    • Back to the nerve root with spinal meningitis mode – the front root – rachis channel – spinal nerve – contract friendly contact with the nerve and spinal next.
  • cross-section-of-red-muscle

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    Made of unbreakable strong fiber model, colored with stable indissoluble colors, mounted on a steady base. Shows in stanza muscle:

    • Impudence muscle.
    • Packs muscle fibers and impudence.
    • Striped muscle tissue.
  • development-of-ovule-embryo-sac-in-angiosperm-model

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    Set on 7 models larger than the natural, size fixed on a panel. The panel can be hung on a wall. It shows the main formation stages of ovule and Embryo sac in angiosperms beginning with the ovule and its inner structure and ending with the linear division with the generation of 8 nuclei.

  • development-of-pollen-grains-in-angiosperm-model

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    Set of 5 enlarged models fixed on a panel which can be hung on a wall represents the prime formation stages of pollen grains in angiosperms beginning from the pollen mother cell (diploid) to the tetrad of four separated haploid pollen cells, where each of them generate pollen tube nucleus and generative nucleus. And the wall of the grain duplicates forming and inner and outer pitted walls.